Toyshine Sunshine Unbreakable Automobile Car Toy Set

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  • Friction Powered Sunshine Unbreakable Toys for kids
  • The Set includes 4 toys: JCB, Cement Mixer, Dumper and a Tractor with trolly
  • All toys are made of fully Non-toxic materials, 100 percent safe for kids
  • Even if your kid bangs it on the floor, it wont break. All tyres have friction power. 4X4 friction powered toy
  • Best toy for kids
  • The construction vehicle toy set is made of high-quality and sturdy plastic material. Suitable for kids from1.5-5 years old toddlers baby boys and girls of the best gift toys.
  • Made of the high-quality and non-toxic plastic material, they are durable and safe, which allows your baby to freely play with them again and again
  • Stimulate the development of baby’s vision, he’s stepping ability and cognitive ability
  • Four Exciting Toys

    • Four engineering vehicles in this toy set, including the tractor, bulldozer, dumper, and cement mixer. They are the perfect gifts for those children over 18 months
    • The colors are vivid and bright, which can promote the baby’s ability of hand-eye coordination and sensory perception
    • Baby after 18 month old is sensitive about small things and focuses on observation. Besides, it can remember the difference between subtle things.
    • No Battery – Long Life

      • All the engineering vehicles run on push-and-go power, without battery, which means your baby can play with them anywhere and anytime, extremely convenient
      • Any kid who loves trucks will love this sets, all trucks runs on push-and-go power, suitable for children ages 18 months and up
      • Construction vehicles toys set, made of high quality, sturdy plastic
      • Just hold the truck, push it forward several times, then let go and watch it roll 
      •     Helps Hand-eye Coordination and cultivate baby’s observation and attention
        • Sensory Perception: Recognize bright colors and shapes. Learn different colors and vehicle shapes, which can teach baby to learn new things. and enhance its learning interest.
        • Help kids learn about different features and names of various vehicles, cultivate baby’s observation and attention.
        • Pushing the friction powered cars forward can exercise baby’s hand-eye coordination.
        • Chasing moving engineering vehicle can develop baby’s muscle strength and improve its walking flexibility.
        • Appropriate Size – Unbreakable

          • All toys are made for babies to hold them comfortably
          • 20 years manufacturing craft, ensure they can be pushed more than 10,000 times and can be dropped of 50 times from one meter high.
          • Improve baby’s ability of solving problems, help them recognize the casual relationship of the function of things.

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