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SteelSeries The SIMs 4 51161 Gaming Headset

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SteelSeries The SIMs 4 Gaming Headset has especially been designed for the die-hard gamers. It offers incredible sound and crisp in-game audio. Its on-ear design, lightweight, soft ear cushions and cloth headband enables you to have long gaming hours without any irritation or pain to your ears....

  • Sims 4 Integration and Customization
  • Plumbobs on each side of the headset light up, pulsate and shift color depending on Sim’s emotional state
  • Detailed and crisp in-game audio ensures you hear everything the Sims has to offer
  • A cloth headband and soft ear cushions offer long-lasting comfort
  • The headset’s lightweight, on-ear design makes it easy to wear for hours and hours
  • Integrated microphone is built right into the headset and also provides a quick mute button
  • Plug in and play right away via the USB connection for PC and Mac, or tweak the headset’s lighting options when not in game with SteelSeries Engine 3

  1. Pros:- Really nice build quality, sturdy body and soft padding.- Sound perfect for gaming, as advertised.- Mic is also better than most I’ve used at this price point.Cons:- It’s a USB headset, so you can’t use with your phones.- The ear-cups are on the ear, it’s not the most comfortable.

  2. Bought for 350rs on Amazon Lighting deal. For this amount its a steal just go for it. Light color can be change by using SteelSeries Engine software.I am using Windows 10, No problem with speakers or microphone. works great on Discord. Plug and Play

  3. PROS:1 – Got it for the low price of 299/- during a lightning deal (349 with 50 cashback).2 – If you like a lot of bass in your audio, you won’t be disappointed.3 – Has padding underneath the head rest which is a nice touch.4 – Being a USB headset, its great alternative if your onboard sound chip has issues or isn’t working.5 – The lighting’s cool I guess but if you don’t much care for that radioactive green color, just download the SteelSeries Engine software and change it to whatever you want or disable it altogether.CONS:1 – As others have mentioned, the earpieces really aren’t comfortable for long sessions.2 – Sound quality isn’t good out of the box. There’s too much bass which overpowers mids and highs. Not much clarity. Sounds a bit muffled.3 – Volume levels aren’t strong out of the box either. The reason I went with a USB headset is because my onboard sound chip isn’t very loud. Unfortunately, out of the box, neither are these.4 – Suffers from some serious sound leakage. At least mine does and so did the original piece I returned. Its bad. Even at lower volumes, I can hear the audio when the headset’s resting on the PC table. And if I start increasing the volume levels higher, I can hear the audio in another room with the door closed. Not exaggerating. I realize that most open headphones have this issue but it was nowhere near this severe on my cheapo Phillips headphones.5 – The original piece I got was brand new but it had an issue where upon rebooting my PC, it would either not work or only the left earpiece would work. Would take messing around with Windows sound settings to fix the issue till the next reboot. I am pretty the replacement I got is a refurb but at least it doesn’t suffer from the above mentioned issue. But even with it, the sound occasionally cutoffs while listening to songs or watching YT videos. Usually rewinding or opening another song/video fixes the issue. Maybe I just got faulty pieces or there’s a software issue somewhere but just thought its worth a mention nevertheless.SUGGESTION:Download a software called Equalizer APO and its add-on named Peace GUI. It works for all headphones. Spend 10-15 mins setting it up (look at a YT video if you need help) and you can get a boosted, clearer sound that’s not drowning in bass. 100% worth the time and effort. Because the default sound quality of these headphones really isn’t much good.SUMMARY:Unless you’re getting it for the price I did or just want something that works, I would recommend skipping it.

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