KENT Appliances 10L Coral Geyser White & Blue

₹5979 ₹8219Snapdeal

Glass Lined Incoloy Element
BEE 5 Star Rated
G-Tech Resisitor Magnesium to treat Hard-Water
Works with High-Pressure Motor Pumps
2 Year Warranty + 5 Year Warranty on Inner Tank

Product description
The KENT Coral range of lifestyle water heaters are equipped with G-tech resistor magnesium anode that absorb hard water salts making the water softer to ensure Anti-Bacterial and Anti-Rust hygienic operation. For optimal Family Safety, it is equipped with ELCB which quickly disconnects the circuit whenever an imbalance of electric current is detected. The inner tank is equipped with titanium enamelled heating element and a unique blue diamond enamelled coating that reduces over 67% of water leakage risk and increases life up to 10 times. The water tubes are equipped with whirl flow 2 technology ensuring no immediate direct contact between cold and hot water for a faster heating and maximum energy saving effect. Water temperature can be manually controlled and the device has automatic cut off feature to guaranty safety. Special PUF insulation ensures that hot water stays warm up to 48 hours. The device is fitted with multi-functional safety valve making 8 bar pressure withstanding capacity. The device is suitable for high rise buildings and booster pumps. KENT Coral water heaters are equipped with CFC-free insulation making and have anti-bacterial and ant-rust hygienic operations. It is BEE 5 Star rated, CE (European Conformity) and ROHS Compliance (UK and EU standards).

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